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In case you haven’t noticed…football is finally back! Whether you like football or not, those players are in phenomenal shape. Watching a no huddle offense operate at such a high level  of intensity is awe inspiring when you think about it. Players get 40 seconds or less of a rest before they start a new play, sometimes running 8-10 plays or more a series.

So let’s take this philosophy of High Intensity and apply it to your cardio routine to change up your regular cardio and make it more exciting and challenging. Let’s do SPRINTS!

Treadmills are super boring so while weather is still permissible, train outside. And running forever…sure marathon runners are admirable for how long they can run but if I need to go 26.2 miles anywhere I’m driving.

Here is your cardio workout:

Going off of the 40 second rest rule, let’s also follow a couple of NFL guidelines. A team gets four downs to make a first down and there are four quarters in a game. Use this as your rep and set goal.

Find a football field, a track, a nice running path or whatever you can find that will mark off a distance of a 100 yards or so. Do a 5-10 minute warm-up at moderate intensity and then you are ready to begin.

Do four sets of sprints with 40 seconds rest between sets. And SPRINT!!! Run like you are in a scene of some Zombie movie and hundreds…no THOUSANDS of them are chasing you (I just watched World War Z).

After you complete your fourth sprint, take a little longer rest than 40 seconds and grab a small swig of water.

Repeat this three more times for a total of 16 sets of sprints.

Once done, do a mile long jog followed by a cool down and be sure to stretch (make sure you stretch your IT band).

If you do not like running outside and prefer a treadmill, use a speed you are comfortable with that you feel like you are going to fly off and sprint for distance of .06 (this is just over 100 yards).

Try doing this 3 times a week, but pay close attention to how your body feels. If your legs are super sore from sprinting this hard, give your body a day or two rest before sprinting again.

Most importantly…have fun and aim to be super fast!

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