Aug 092013
21's Mid to top start
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So it’s Friday and you probably want to go out looking all buff n’ stuff right? What better way to show off then to blow your guns up before you hit the town.

Try this workout to get rid of those pipe cleaners and get some cut up arms.

Remember…go to failure each set.

This time through let’s lift a little heavier weight in the lower rep range…think 6-12 reps, of course doing more if you can. By the way…it’s Friday so you may want to superset with some ab exercises and cardio to combat those empty calories your are going to be drinking in order to get out on the dance floor and cut a lil’ rug.

1. Start with Hammer Curls. Perform 4 working sets moving up in weight each set. Remember to hit that rep range of 6-12

2. Next, do some Single Arm Concentration Curls. Seated or standing. 4 sets in the 6-12 rep range

3. End with two sets of 21′s using Dumbbells. Start with 7 reps from bottom to mid, then 7 reps using full range of motion for a curl, then 7 reps from the top of the curl movement to down half-way. Do two sets and after your last set of 21′s go right into a burnout (complete fatigue) of standard dumbbell curl for as many reps as you can.

By this time your arms should be feeling pretty tight and swollen. If you did not do any cardio or abs, go do some and get yourself ready to go show off those pythons you’ve been training!

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